Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

By booking travel with Wedaways, Inc., you are agreeing to be bound by the terms of this agreement and any additional terms and conditions of any suppliers that are applicable to your booking arrangements. The lead traveler and/or group leader or primary point of contact of a group booking assumes the responsibility of sharing these terms and conditions with each traveler in their group, including payment of all amounts when due, cancellation policies, and all other terms and conditions of the booking arrangements. It is the responsibility of the group leader to ensure that each traveler reads our terms and conditions in its entirety. In addition, we reserve the right to modify these Terms and Conditions. If there is any part of these terms and conditions that you do not agree with, please do not use our travel services.


Pricing and rates are set by travel suppliers including, but not limited to hotels, cruise lines, airlines, ground transportation, excursions, and/or experiences of companies providing travel services. Quotes are applicable to the date and time at which they are provided by Wedaways, Inc. and are subject to availability/change without notice prior to booking. Quotes in foreign currencies are subject to fluctuations in exchange rates and international credit card issuer fees. Wedaways, Inc. is not responsible for any increases due to fuel surcharges, government-imposed taxes/fees, or supplier-imposed increases. You acknowledge and accept these conditions as applicable to your purchase. You authorize Wedaways, Inc. to charge your credit card for such additional amounts. This consent applies to all travel arranged by Wedaways, Inc.


Wedaways, Inc. is a full-service travel company within the Virtuoso Travel Network through affiliation with Departure Lounge LLC. The services provided are based on industry knowledge, experience, preferred partnerships and contacts. Planning any trip takes extensive time and effort before the departure date ever arrives. We have a fee structure to assist with time spent on consultations, research, negotiation and proposal building. We will advise you of our fee for your journey. Fees are charged at the onset of the services prior to any quotes or itineraries submitted to the Client, and regardless of whether the Client books a trip with us. When the Client books a trip with us, this fee also goes toward travel support and the booking of the trip itself. Any and all planning fees are not deductible from trip costs and nonrefundable in any case, or at any time. We may also collect a commission from suppliers of your trip.


Deposit: Upon confirmation and written acceptance of services, an initial deposit equivalent to suppliers’ payment conditions will be required. Unless otherwise noted, airfare must be paid in full prior to issuing tickets. Travel confirmed less than 60 days prior to departure may require 100% prepayment.

Final payment: The balance of payment is to be received no later than the date listed on the supplier invoice and/or documentation. If full payment is not received by the due date, your reservation may be canceled without additional notice and deposits will be forfeited.

Clients must provide us with a signed credit card authorization form for planning fees and trip booking. Your authorization is a binding agreement for Wedaways Inc. to charge your card, and as such, you waive any right to a chargeback in the case of cancellation for any cause (excepting fraud), including a force majeure event, as defined herein, and agree to refund policies and procedures as outlined in these terms and conditions. In the event a client attempts to chargeback, reverse or recollect a trip payment already made without our authorization, Wedaways, Inc., will be entitled to recovery of all monies owed, including reasonable attorneys’ fees in connection with the collection. Payment of the deposit constitutes reading and acceptance of Wedaways, Inc. Terms & Conditions. We reserve the right to collect all additional costs, fees and expenses associated with such chargeback, reversal or recollection, including, without limitation, attorney fees.


In the event of postponement or cancellation, written notice must be received by Wedaways, Inc. Postponements may be subject to a Wedaways, Inc. postponement fee in the minimum amount of $250 per trip, in addition to any and all supplier payment conditions. Cancellations made from the moment deposit payments are received and up to the client’s arrival, including No Shows, may be subject to a fee in the minimum amount of $350 as an administrative cancellation fee to cover overhead expenses, in addition to any and all supplier payment conditions. Unless otherwise noted, airfare is nonrefundable.

In addition to the above-mentioned cancellation fees, levied to cover Wedaways, Inc. administrative expenses, any expenses that are prepaid in full by Wedaways, Inc., or a supplier including but not limited to train tickets, entry fees, etc., must be paid regardless of the reason for cancellation. 


Wedaways Inc. reserves the right to charge a fee of $250 for revisions beyond 3 major iterations to your itinerary or trip plans. For last-minute changes, within 2 weeks of travel, a fee of $250 will apply. Wedaways Inc. does not guarantee availability for last-minute changes.


Wedaways, Inc. will gladly accommodate requests for additional services incurred during the trip. A credit card will be required to process payment for additional services unless prior arrangements have been made. In the event you require changes to your itinerary after your arrival, additional charges may apply in the minimum amount of $50 and based on the travel supplier’s conditions.


Any physical disability requiring special attention, treatment, or facilities must be communicated to Wedaways, Inc. before the booking is made, otherwise, Wedaways, Inc. will deem the travelers in a fit condition to travel.


Wedaways, Inc. cannot assume responsibility for any claims, losses, damages, costs or expenses arising out of injury, accident or death, loss or delay of baggage or other property, or delay, inconvenience, loss of enjoyment, upset, disappointment, distress or frustration, whether physical or mental, resulting from:

  1. Mechanical breakdowns, dangers inherent to the sea, fire, theft, civil disturbances, strikes, government actions, weather, flooding, earthquakes, and other factors and causes beyond our control.
  2. Passenger’s failure to obtain the required documentation, including passports, renewal of documentation required to travel, visas and health certificates, where required, or passenger being denied entry to a country of travel for any reason.
  3. Passenger’s failure to follow the instructions of Wedaways, Inc., its representatives, and its suppliers.
  4. Missed flight connections to/from trip departure/arrival point(s).
  5. Any other cause beyond the control of Wedaways, Inc. whether known or unknown.

Wedaways, Inc. assumes no liability for, and the guest waives all claims against Wedaways, Inc. it may now have or have in the future for any loss, damage, delay or failure to perform in whole or in part, resulting from causes beyond the control of Wedaways, Inc., including, but not limited to, war, terrorist acts, fires, strikes, insurrections, riots, embargoes, shortages of motor vehicles, delays in transportation, pandemics, economic losses, or requirements of any local, prefecture or federal government.

Wedaways, Inc. is not the source or supplier of any travel services requested or purchased and acts solely as a booking agent for disclosed supplier hotels, cruise lines, airlines, ground transportation, and other companies providing accommodations, transportation, and/or other products or services. Each of these suppliers is an independent entity with its own management and is not subject to the control of Wedaways, Inc. Wedaways, Inc shall not be liable for any accident, injury, property damage or personal loss to the Client or to those traveling with Client in connection with any travel services, including but not limited to a Force Majeure event defined herein.


As the worldwide COVID-19 corona-virus pandemic remains ongoing at this time, I acknowledge that for this reason, and other reasons not reasonably foreseeable at this time, these travel plans may be interrupted or canceled by the supplier that is providing them, a government entity or other third party over which Wedaways Inc. and its affiliates has no control. I further acknowledge that the supplier’s own cancellation, re-booking and refund policies, subject to any applicable law that is now or may later be in effect, will govern my rights and remedies, including my right to receive a refund, in such an event. Moreover, I understand that should I elect to purchase travel insurance, the terms of the policy will dictate whether, and to what extent, coverage for any financial loss may exist under the circumstances. By signing below, I hereby agree to hold Wedaways Inc. and its affiliates harmless and release the agency from any and all liability for any damages, including but not limited to monetary losses, I may incur as a result of such interruption or cancellation of these travel plans.

By signing this agreement, I acknowledge the contagious nature of COVID-19 and voluntarily assume the risk that I may be exposed to or infected by COVID-19 while traveling. Such exposure or infection may result in personal injury, quarantine resulting in prolonged stay in destination, isolation, illness, permanent disability, and possible death. I voluntarily agree to assume all of the foregoing risks and accept sole responsibility for any injury to myself (including, but not limited to, personal injury, disability, and death), illness, damage, loss, claim, liability, or expense, of any kind, that I may experience or incur in connection with Wedaways Inc. and its affiliates.

As travel opens around the world, all destinations, airports, air carriers, hotels, restaurants, transfer companies, car rental companies, shops and excursions have established COVID-19 safety measures and precautions that may change from day to day. These safety measures may include, but are not limited to: curfews, attraction closings and reduced hours, size of group gatherings, social distancing requirements, health screenings, self-quarantine requirements and COVID test results. By signing this agreement, I accept ultimate responsibility for myself and my traveling party to have all the necessary provisions for travel (such as COVID test results, pre-travel questionnaires, etc.) Moreover, I understand that I should assume responsibility for the necessary documents (such as COVID test results, pre-travel questionnaires, etc.) considering COVID-19, in order to travel to my specific destination.


In any circumstances beyond our reasonable control, (including, but without limitation, to acts of God, explosion, flood, forceful wind, fire or accident, war or threat of war declared or undeclared, acts of terrorism, sabotage, insurrection, riots, strikes, civil disturbance, sickness, epidemics, pandemics, quarantines, government intervention, weather conditions, defects in machinery and vehicles, delays or other unforeseeable event), we shall not be deemed to be in breach of these terms and conditions or otherwise be liable to you, and shall not be required to provide any refund, by reason of delay in performance, or by non-performance, of any of our obligations hereunder to the extent that any such delay or non-performance is due to any force majeure. If our agency, and/or any of our travel suppliers, are affected by force majeure, they shall be entitled to, and may in their sole and absolute discretion, vary or cancel any itinerary or arrangement in relation to your trip. Any refunds, credits, travel vouchers, etc. issued as a result of a Force Majeure event defined herein is at the sole discretion of travel suppliers.


Wedaways, Inc. is an affiliate of Departure Lounge, LLC  with IATA Number 45649730 operating under California Seller of Travel License 2136510-70.


Wedaways, Inc. highly recommends that you purchase Trip Insurance. A short-term travel insurance policy can cover trip costs due to personal or family illness or accident. Wedaways, Inc. facilitates the purchase of short-term travel insurance provided by Travelex, underwritten by Berkshire Hathaway. If you decline Travel and Trip Cancellation Insurance or are a resident outside of the United States, you are solely responsible for any and all monetary incurrences as a result of trip cancellation or interruption, and will not hold Wedaways, Inc. liable for your decision to decline.


Although we do our utmost to make sure every trip goes well above and beyond expectations, should clients incur any inconvenience, we invite you to contact our travel providers immediately on the 24-hour emergency phone indicated on the final itinerary documentation, if applicable.

Thank you for choosing Wedaways, Inc.