Wedding Reception Dishes

Few would argue the importance of food at a wedding.  Taste, presentation and speed of service all count.  Here are some of the prettiest wedding reception dishes that we know taste as amazing as they look!  Courtesy of Wedaways family of international property partners.


Even a simple breadbasket can set off the table as much as a decor item.

Wedding breadbasket dish

Beautiful breadbasket designed by Ristorante Il Chiostro of  dream Tuscan destination Relais Castel Porrona

First course

The first course sets the tone of the dinner. With presentations like these by Michelin star chef Antonino Cannavacciuolo, your guests will enjoy a gourmet experience.

Michelin Starred wedding reception dishes

Villa Crespi

Lake Orta’s Villa Crespi owned by Chef Antonino

Vegetarian option

You’ve given your guests the option of steak, chicken, fish or vegetarian.  This dish is sure to delight!

Vegetarian Lasagna

 Vegetarian lasagna created by Castello Banfi Il Borgo

Edible flowers

No need to restrict your flowers to decor! Garnish the entrée for an elegant touch.

Edible wedding flowers

Ristorante Il Chiostro of Relais Castel Porrona designs a hearty main course complete with edible flowers


Risotto is hearty and colorful.  An excellent choice for seafood lovers.

Italian wedding reception dishes

A delicious Risotto Milano-Venezia lovingly prepared by Chateau Monfort


Few dinners would be complete without a pasta dish.

Gourmet wedding cuisine

Palazzo Manfredi gets it right every time


If you’re chocolate lovers get ready for this feast for the eyes! These taste as good (if not better) than they look!

Chocolate wedding dessert

Desserts to devour at Palazzo Manfredi


A twist on the traditional wedding cake to finish off your celebration!

Say “Cheese”!

Wedding reception cheese dish

For more delicious (and beautiful) wedding reception dishes, check out Wedaways’ wedding destinations.

Buon appetito!