A Property Reflects Your Wedding Style

The first step on any wedding journey – apart from a magical and memorable proposal – is to dream. Dream about the perfect dress, fairy-tale location, elegant design, and wedding style. All are open to interpretation and vary significantly from couple to couple. And when you get engaged, you get to decide and live out your definitions of each one!

However, creating a perfect day alone is not as easy as one might think. Sometimes you need a little inspiration! Ergo, Wedaways presents you with our takes on what a perfect destination wedding could look like for couples with unique dreams. Below you w,ill find an array of Wedaways weddinwedding-styleds. All have been produced in the most magnificent properties. They were designed to get your ideas flowing by showcasing what elite romance experts call a ‘dream wedding.’

You might be wondering: what is a wedding-styled shoot? We define it as a collaboration of talented creatives who produce stunning visuals representing their ideal wedding image. Wedding-styled shoots illustrate the latest wedding trends from the best designers in the wedding business. Get the freshest ideas right from the source!

So, why should you be on the lookout for wedding-styled shoots as a bride-to-be? It’s all about getting the creative juices flowing. Our shoots provide you with a wide variety of possibilities while displaying the incredible talent of the production team! From stunning fashion options to destination wedding ideas to exquisite floral and décor inspiration, wedding-styled shoots deliver it all! You can even get a taste of your favorite photographic styles.

Prepare yourself for a lot of wedding inspiration below while we showcase snippets of our favorite wedding-styled shoots in some of the best properties in the world.


Thompson Zihuatanejo

Zihuatanejo, Mexico

Thompson Zihuatanejo is the ultimate choice for a sophisticated yet relaxed destination wedding! Awarded Mexico’s most romantic resort in 2020, the property provides complete luxury while immersing you and your loved ones with the serenity of a luscious beachfront and soothing waves. At the same time, the contrasting jungle backdrop, accentuated with cascading waterfalls and gentle lagoons, along with the neighboring fishing village, induces the effortless Mexican charm.

Inspired by Thompson Zihuatanejo’s architecture, the styled shoot depicts the delicate balance between tradition and refined modernity, incorporating delicate touches of the local culture. The ease of a beach wedding and the luxury of the stunning Zihuatanejo property are perfectly combined, culminating in a magical Mexican Summer wedding. Perfect for a bride who enjoys the best in life while not taking herself too seriously!

Check our images below and be inspired to throw an authentically effortless and exceptionally chic destination wedding!


Executive Producer: @reneestraussbh | Venue Sourcing & Travel: @wedawaystravel | Venue: @thompsonzihuatanejo | Photography: @valoriedarling | Videography: @branchesbro | Wedding Planner: @wild_heart_events | Wardrobe: @watters | Florist: @pinacate0202 | Stationary: @swellpress | Beauty: @samarabeautysb | Models: @itsnotalexwatson @lauravondahl | Rentals: @dluxmobiliarioyeventos @warehouserentals @latavolalinen @catalogatelier @tablemethod


Casa Velas

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Lean into the romantic with a fairy-tale wedding in Casa Velas. The property’s magical feel is perfect for a refined and romantic wedding style sprinkled with much love! The fragrant gardens, intimate architecture, and mature ambiance make this tropical oasis ideal for your destination wedding! In this adults-only hacienda-like hotel, you will experience the magnificence of a beachfront paradise and the natural allure of a vibrant, flowery wonderland.

The Garden of Eden-inspired wedding shoot centers on the romantic mystique of the property while portraying the surrounding natural beauty. Elegant, flowing dresses, tropical lush foliage, and classic lavender touches are all perfect for a bride who wants to feel like the sophisticated protagonist in a romantic novel.

Get lost in our visuals while daydreaming about yourself as a vision of grace and poise, as the epicenter of an ultra-romantic, enchanting, picture-perfect wedding day.


Executive Producer: @reneestraussbh | Venue Sourcing & Travel: @wedawaystravel | Venue: @casavelas | Photography: @katherineannrose | Videography: @elysiumweddings | Wedding Planner: @wild_heart_events | Wardrobe: @wtoowatters | Florist: @pinacate0202 | Stationary: @kdesigns_sb @velvetfoxdesigns | Beauty: @samarabeautysb | Models: @maeganvalenta @lanabellrey18 | Rentals: @cristhianevent @warehouseguanajuato @latavolalinen @theark_


Grand Velas Riviera Nayarit

Riviera Nayarit, Mexico

Do you identify with a more youthful and free-spirited wedding style? Then, join us on a journey to the seaside wonder Riviera Nayarit to visit the majestic Grand Velas Resort. The contemporary five-diamond hotel embraces the warmth and playfulness of the Mexican culture while maintaining the tranquility and ease of a beach destination. Take refuge in this all-inclusive property, surrounded by endless oceans and imposing mountains. Live freely, circled by the ones you love, in the place where style meets the sea.

Drawing from the dreamy ambiance, the talented production team used fluid shapes, soft aesthetics, and lighthearted elements, evoking feelings of liveliness and liberty. The sea of endless blue compliments the subtle pastel color scheme for a harmonious and relaxed vibe. This is a celebration of style for a bride who dreams of running barefoot on the sand on her wedding day!

The styled shoot below will pique your interest if you are a down-to-earth, go-with-the-flow person. Make sure to take note of your favorite takeaways!


Executive Producer: @reneestraussbh | Venue Sourcing & Travel: @wedawaystravel | Venue: @casavelas | Photography: @jodeedebesphoto | Videography: @elysiumweddings | Wedding Planner: @alexisraineevents | Wardrobe: @watters | Florist: @pinacate0202 | Stationary: @meredithlawdesign | Beauty: @samarabeautysb | Models: @melanicolic @sarahprender | Rentals: @warehouseguanajuato @latavolalinen @cristhianevent @frances_lane @napavalleylinens


Sofitel Legend Santa Clara Cartagena

Cartagena, Colombia

If you love a passionate and colorful destination wedding style, there is no other destination for you! Sofitel Legend Santa Clara in Cartagena, Colombia, is the only place. Celebrate – with a capital C – your love in this jaw-droppingly stunning property while experiencing an authentic, historical journey through the Colombian heritage. Abundant in tradition and legends, Cartagena will transport you to a simpler time when humanity and hospitality were ever-present and undeniably contagious. The hotel perfectly mimics the city’s enchantment, with its superbly preserved structures and inviting 5-star service.

The styled shoot perfectly mirrored the destination’s artistic atmosphere and dynamic environment. The warm smiles of the Colombian people, the vibrant colors of the colonial towns, and the breathtaking exuberance of flora and fauna were all portrayed in the powerful vignettes. So take yourself and your loved ones on a spiritual experience to a faraway world that feels more like home than home. For a bride who wants to dance all night long to the sound of her music, Sofitel Legend Santa Clara is the destination for your destination wedding!

Start fantasizing about a magical Colombian destination wedding while exploring our styled shoot images!


Executive Producer: @reneestraussbh | Venue Sourcing & Travel: @wedawaystravel | Venue: @sofitellegendsantaclaractg | Photography: @valoriedarling | Videography: @daxvictorinofilms | Wedding Planner: @marycueterofficial | Wardrobe: @watters | Beauty: @samarabeautysb | Models: @thealexwatson @julianaosoorio



Cartagena, Colombia

A hidden gem within the Caribbean Sea, Sofitel Barú Calablanca is perfect for a modern and lavish Columbian destination wedding. Sail off to the beautiful island of Barú and discover a paradise of clear turquoise waters and soft white sands. Feel the warm breeze and enjoy the magical orange sunsets in a luxurious hotel that merges the French’s grandeur with the Colombian’s passion. The contemporary venue presents an air of subtle intricacy and sophistication.

Likewise, the shoot achieves the same effortlessly elegant feel through classic colors, modern settings, and graceful garments. A beacon of elegance, a bride marrying in this stunning destination would shine bright in the spotlight, with all eyes on her.

Find out how marrying your prince or princess charming in a modern fairy-tale destination wedding can become a reality inspired by our photos below!


Executive Producer: @reneestraussbh | Venue Sourcing & Travel: @wedawaystravel | Venue: @sofitelbaru | Photography: @valoriedarling | Videography: @daxvictorinofilms | Wedding Planner: @marycueterofficial | Wardrobe: @watters | Beauty: @samarabeautysb | Models: @thealexwatson @julianaosoorio

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