Destination wedding videographers film all over the world and capture amazing wedding stories. One of our recent favorites was a romantic, intimate wedding in the heart of Tuscany for Abigail and Christopher, a lovely couple who wed at the beautiful Relais Il Falconiere.

An important part of Abigail and Christopher’s relationship was the song Can’t Help Falling in Love, which became essential to their final wedding film and the way the destination wedding videography team told their love story.

At the beginning of their film is a beautiful shot of Chris grabbing Abigail’s hand as he pulls her out of the red Alpha Romeo at their Tuscan Villa. You hear Abigail say “Take my hand” as Chris grips tightly and whispers, “Take my whole life too.” The inclusion of this personal detail throughout the film is captivating – watch it and you’ll see just what we mean.

Take My Hand

You can feel their emotions: anticipation, excitement, love, incredulous joy. Why? Because wedding videos are the best entertainment. They are beautiful, engaging, and emotional. Yours will be, too.

Here are 6 reasons videography is a wedding day must:

  • The day goes by so fast, video lets you watch it over and over again, replaying moments you may have missed.
  • Capturing facial expressions, reciting your vows and listening to the wedding toasts are priceless.
  • Family and friends won’t always be with you, so having them on video during the most special celebration is precious.
  • The wedding video is often a couple’s favorite movie, ever!
  • The wedding video is something you can pass on to future generations who will really get a sense of who you are watching you in motion.
  • It’s fun to relive the day!

Great destination wedding videographers combine pre-production, production, post-production, and advanced filmmaking techniques like time-lapse and drone videography to create visually stunning, one-of-a-kind wedding films.

The most trusted and dedicated create the most memorable videos and will capture your love story in a way still images never can.