Recently, our European team, who is based in Portugal, visited the beautiful Hotel Casa Palmela. Read all about their unique and delightful experience below!

Maria and Sofia’s Experience


Our trip started with a quick 45-minute drive from the center of Lisbon to the breathtaking Arrábida Natural Park. A great alternative for guests arriving from abroad is the hotel’s transfer system from the airport to the venue.

Entering the outside gates of Casa Palmela, the grandiosity and vibrancy of the surrounding vineyard immediately struck us. Marveled at the beauty, we headed to the front-office for our very quick, efficient and welcoming check-in. We immediately noticed the quaint and eclectic furnishing, reminiscent of the traditional Portuguese noble house the hotel had once been. We were greeted with a warm welcome and a refreshing drink, chosen from a wide range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic options. Later, we moved to the terrace, where we first admired the stunning view of the sun-drenched mountain range. There, we were able to sit down and have our drinks in a relaxing and inspiring setting.

The Rooms

Afterwards, we headed to our rooms. We stayed in two of the small hotel’s premium rooms. Both had access to either the terrace or a balcony with a dazzling view. Inside we found carefully hand-written notes from the staff and director, as well as complimentary regional treats. The furnishing and design were both charming and picturesque, and the bed was exceptionally comfortable.

Exploring the Property

Once we were acquainted with the space, we decided to explore the venue for the rest of the evening. We found that the hotel has two pool areas, one of which is exclusively for adults. Furthermore, we walked around the property, discovering all the different plants and green spaces. We explored the villas, passed by the charming spa space, and played with two friendly dogs. We then came across four trailing paths and decided to follow the one that would take us to the river. After a delightful and peaceful stroll, we reached our destination, which consisted of a beguiling view of the water stream. The same path is also available for horseback or bicycle riding, activities offered by the hotel. Tired from our journey, we decided to return to our rooms and retire for the night.


The following day we woke up and headed to the breakfast room. On our way there we were greeted by the staff, who was always warm and attentive. We sat down in our table and were quickly served some tasty bread and croissants. They were accompanied with butter, jam, cheese and ham, a variety of fruit and freshly squeezed orange juice. Moreover, we asked for the menu, from which we could order extra items as we pleased. We decided to have some scrambled eggs and crepes with Nutella, which were absolutely delicious.

Tour of the Venue

Feeling full and satisfied, we headed down to the pool to wait for Salvador, the hotel director. He gave us a tour of the property and of the possible spaces for a wedding in the venue. Firstly, we headed to the main deck, which can fit a large tent and can host a considerable wedding party. From there, you can perfectly witness the beautiful view of Serra da Arrábida. For more intimate events, the smaller deck, hidden away in the heart of the vineyard and shaded by a magnificent towering tree, is the perfect romantic setting. Finally, the venue also has a charming indoor event space, fully prepared with bathrooms and an industrial kitchen.

Enjoying the Day

After our meeting with Salvador, we decided to spend the rest of the afternoon relaxing and sunbathing in the pool. It was a warm and sunny day, and the water was at a perfect temperature. We read our books, listened to music, and took in the breathtaking nature that surrounded us. When evening came, we got ready to enjoy a nice dinner at the hotel’s restaurant. Once we sat down, we savored different types of fresh bread and three varieties of butter. We then ordered calf pastries with apple and cinnamon puree, as well as bivalve cannelloni. For dessert we enjoyed some almond pie complemented with vanilla ice cream. The food was delicious, the service was impeccable, and we left completely satisfied. Before ending the night, we played some fun boardgames, which the hotel provided.

Last Moments

Waking up in our last day in Casa Palmela, we were eager to make the most out of our last moments there. We enjoyed the view one last time, had a most fulfilling breakfast and took a final dip in the pool. Happy with our stay but sad to be leaving this little corner of Portuguese paradise, we checked out, said goodbye to all the staff and headed back to Lisbon. On our way back we visited the magnificent 10-century old castle of Palmela. There we enjoyed a beautiful view and learned about the rich history of the region. We then made a final stop at the gorgeous beaches of Setúbal before returning home.


Our 3-day getaway to Casa Palmela was a relaxing, rejuvenating and most enjoyable escape. We are eager to visit the venue once again. We strongly recommend you to come and discover this hidden gem in the gorgeous Setúbal Region, only 45 minutes outside of the magnificent Portuguese capital.