They say planning a wedding is one of the most stressful things you’ll ever do. The venue, the dress, the flowers, the catering, the band, the photographer… It’s too much! And that’s just the beginning!

Today, we are here to talk to you about one essential component of wedding planning you may not have thought of: travel. Whether you are throwing a lavish ceremony in a faraway destination or inviting loved ones from distant states, travel is something you will have to keep in mind. Where will the guests stay? What are the best hotel rates? How do you contract a room block? What is a room block? Should you organize a full buyout instead?

I’m guessing you’re a bit overwhelmed at this point. And we still haven’t even mentioned your honeymoon travel plans. Flights, transfers, accommodation, itineraries, restaurants, experiences… You get the point! Wedding and honeymoon travel planning can be an excruciating, time-consuming task. So, it might be a good idea to call in backup!

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Introducing Wedaways

Wedaways is North America’s leading luxury travel company specializing in all things wedding-related travel and luxury honeymoons. We provide you and your guests with a seamless and carefree travel experience, giving you time to focus on all the right (and fun) things!

Wedding Travel

As a luxury wedding travel company, we work side by side with wedding planners. Why? When couples hire a planner, the entire process is smoother and more organized. Plus, the romance experts already understand the role of travel and the level of luxury we offer. It’s a match made in heaven!

In fact, travel planning and wedding planning go hand in hand! So, if you want a smooth and enjoyable journey culminating in a one-in-a-lifetime luxury wedding, our suggestion is to hire a wedding planner and partner with a travel professional ~ Wedaways! And then all you have to do is enjoy your perfect celebration(s) surrounded by the ones you love most!

Why Work with Wedaways for Your Wedding Travel Needs?

So, what is Wedaways’ role in the “I do” process, exactly? We are a wedding planner’s right hand for venue searching, property buyouts, and room blocks!

If you want to find the perfect luxury wedding venue, we are the experts! showcases the world’s best destinations and properties for celebrations, all personally vetted by our wonderful team! Whether you want a traditional Italian wedding in a magical location in Florence, a beach ceremony in sunny Cancún, or even a winter wonderland wedding in the Swiss Alps, we offer it all. We are even willing to bet that the hardest part will be choosing one perfect venue among all of the amazing choices!

Plus, we have comprehensive destination knowledge and an extensive network. Odds are we personally know all the best venue and accommodation options perfect for you. And we don’t have to google it!

When it comes to organizing room blocks and buyouts, we do all the heavy lifting! You can save precious time (and brain cells) by allowing us to do what we do best: manage all the grueling details of the bookings. Aside from taking the convoluted terms and endless bureaucracy off your plate, we also negotiate the best rates and concessions just for you. All you and your guests have to do is enjoy your stay! They’ll receive upgrades, resort credits, and sometimes complimentary daily breakfast. Stick with Wedaways!

If you are still not sure you understand what a room block entails and how we can help, read our articles Hotel Wedding Room Blocks and Demystifying 10 Wedding Hotel Room Block Facts!

Honeymoon Travel

Once all of your wedding travel needs are taken care of, it’s time to start planning an unforgettable honeymoon. And for that, you will definitely appreciate having Wedaways’ luxury honeymoon experts by your side!

Are you not sure what constitutes a luxury honeymoon? Read our article about How Much a Luxury Honeymoon Really Costs!

Why Work with Wedaways for Your Honeymoon Travel Needs?

When it comes to planning honeymoons, we work directly with the couples. Our goal is to personalize the trip to your every need, creating once-in-a-lifetime experiences perfect just for you! From recommendations on the most romantic destinations to crafted suggestions on top-tier accommodations to insights on unmissable excursions, we are with you every step of the way. We do all the bookings and make sure there are no bumps along the way. You’ll save time, resources, and stress!

And if that already sounds fantastic, wait until you hear all about the perks we can offer! Accommodation category upgrades, resort credits, complimentary breakfasts, and spa treatments are just a few. Book with us and be guaranteed a smooth and fun planning journey, coupled with the luxury honeymoon of your dreams!


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