Personalizing Winter Holiday Weddings

Winter is an awesome season for destination winter holiday weddings. Whether you are off to the snow or headed for the beach, here are a few tips with a twist that is sure to inspire. Very often couples choose winter holiday weddings to ensure the likelihood of their families attending. Here are my top three tips for […]

Your Wedding Color Palette Is Your Canvas

Let’s say that all your life you’ve loved the lavender color palette: You’ve painted your bedroom with it, filled your closet with it, and even dyed lavender streaks in your hair when you were in college. And now you’re getting married and want the entire wedding to be, yes, lavender! Sound amazing? Maybe not… While […]

Finding The Right “Fit:” Do You, Bride, Take These Wedding Vendors?

Hiring wedding vendors can be like shopping for the perfect accessory. You may need to shop several stores before finding the one.  You had it in your head and it was worth the search.  This strategy can also be applied to finding your wedding vendors. Here are three questions to ask yourself to gain a […]

Unexpected — and Easy Wedding Decor Ideas — To Take Your Wedding Up A Notch

Creating a memorable wedding and coming up with unique wedding decor ideas can be overwhelming.  Especially when it seems like every event you see on Pinterest or online magazines start to look exactly the same. To distinguish your celebration from the rest of the pack, here are seven wedding decor ideas and details — all of which […]

5 Tricks For Making Your Wedding Different From All the Rest

After you’ve attended a number of weddings, you might start realizing that many of them look and feel the same. Sure, they celebrate different couples, have different colors, and have different guests.   But the general outline of events and logistics of each wedding seem very similar. Consider these ideas for making your big day […]

5 Ways To Merge Your Different Wedding Styles

So you’re engaged and planning a wedding! Yet, it appears that you and your fiancé couldn’t be farther apart on your visions for your Big Day. One likes shabby chic, while the other likes architecturally modern and stark. You adore strawberry filling, but they’re a coconut lover all the way. You dream of pinks and […]



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