Everything You Need To Know To Get Married At An Italian Villa

You and your spouse-to-be both love Europe and dream of tying the knot at a romantic Italian villa. Whether surrounded by lush, rolling hills and blooming vineyards or situated on one of the seven hills of Rome overlooking the eternal city, villas vary according to location and modus operandi. So here’s everything you need to […]

Finding The Right “Fit:” Do You, Bride, Take These Wedding Vendors?

Hiring wedding vendors can be like shopping for the perfect accessory. You may need to shop several stores before finding the one.  You had it in your head and it was worth the search.  This strategy can also be applied to finding your wedding vendors. Here are three questions to ask yourself to gain a […]

Breathtaking Italian Honeymoon Destinations

Puglia in Italy

Honeymoon destinations are ranked by what is “most”.  Most romantic, most exotic, most remote, most luxurious, etc.  The “most” shoot the rating to the top.  So we’ve searched for the most awesome honeymoon destinations in Italy.  They also happen to be Italy’s best honeymoon destinations.  They’re listed here to make your search for the most perfect place on earth easy and […]

Honeymoon Destinations To Fall In Love With

Waking up in a glorious bed, in the middle of a beautiful room, in a stunning location, is probably what you dream about when you imagine perfect honeymoon destinations. With these criteria in mind, we’ve combined all of the above into a perfect list to choose from. Let us know what speaks to your hearts […]

Prettiest Wedding Reception Dishes That Taste Good, Too!

Wedding Reception Dishes Few would argue the importance of food at a wedding.  Taste, presentation and speed of service all count.  Here are some of the prettiest wedding reception dishes that we know taste as amazing as they look!  Courtesy of Wedaways family of international property partners. Breadbasket Even a simple breadbasket can set off the table […]

Wedding Getaway Cars

You’ve put a lot of thought into arriving to your nuptials in style. So here are six fun wedding getaway car ideas that after months of planning and a night full of celebrating, will make for a truly dramatic departure! And not to worry, there are rental companies worldwide that have these sweethearts at-the-ready just […]

15 Summer Honeymoon Glam Spots To Book Now!

Your honeymoon is likely the most important trip you’ll ever plan. With expectations at an all-time high, choosing the perfect destination (or destinations) is a must! But how, with so many incredible options? The world is your oyster! And Wedaways helps you select the perfect pearl for you. We’ve searched the world to select the […]

The Best Wedding Destinations in Tuscany

What’s dreamier than a destination wedding in the magnificent Tuscan countryside? Imagine a fairy-tale wedding on a quaint terrace overlooking rolling hills blanketed in vineyards. Or on a sprawling, landscaped villa with fountains and romantic lighting. From chic hotels and quaint villas to luxurious resorts, Tuscany offers a plethora of gorgeous venues and arguably some […]

National Marriage Proposal Day – Who Knew?

Ever heard of National Proposal Day?  Well, neither did I until recently.  If you’re in a serious relationship and haven’t been asked the big question, and Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Eve and Valentine’s Day have come and gone with no ring in sight, don’t worry!  Today is the day you’re actually supposed to let Mr […]



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